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Review: Green Lantern #9

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 05/09/2012 - 18:33

Geoff Johns said last month that Green Lantern #9 would have all the answers concerning the secret of the Indigo Tribe, answers concerning Indigo-1’s identity, what the tribe has to do with the late Abin Sur, what the relationship is between the Green and Indigo Lanterns --

And by jove, #9 has just that! But – and that is a big but – it also, as all good sci-fi (and other) storytelling does, leads to more questions about other aspects of the Lantern mythos, and specifically Abin Sur’s knowledge of the Black Night and the future plans of the Guardians of the Universe and -- the Third Army!

While Sinestro also has a share of this limelight, the action is clearly on Hal Jordan here this time around and that is a good thing. While New 52 Hal can be a jerk, he is also -- well, OUR Green Lantern, the guy who is the foundation of this mythos we all enjoy so.

So, now at least we know (and no real spoilers here; enjoy this cosmic issue on your own) that, in some form or fashion, the Black Night did in fact take place in this new DCU and that the good guys won. How this upsets the cosmic apple cart is not exactly clear, but Hal and Sinestro must face the ramifications of that next month!

How Johns keeps so many plot plates juggled in the air while keeping them relatively interesting and vital is anyone’s guess. This kid really must’ve been blessed by the Chris Claremont Subplot God or something. (Old-time X-Men readers will understand.)

Again, the wondrous art of Doug Mahnke & Co. keep Johns’ saga singing with the richest, most colorful cosmic opus on the stands today. I love Stormwatch and BOOM’s Hypernaturals coming in July (plugs) will be a blast, but for my money Green Lantern is the consistent center for all things cosmic these days.