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Review: Green Lantern #8

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 04/11/2012 - 19:34

The real Hal Jordan steps up and takes back some of his dignity in issue #8 of Green Lantern as he and buddy cop Sinestro continue their search, wanted or not, into the secrets of the Indigo Tribe.

While Hal faces down his old foe Black Hand (Nok), Sinestro faces ultimate violation and a rage that would set Atrocitus on fire from Indigo-1 and her alien brood (Nok).

Geoff Johns is pulling threads from his cosmic tapestry I am not even sure we as readers first recognized to create this great story with a fantastic back story. (What a great thing it is to have issues dating beyond the September reboot to look at, guessing at how they might fit into the puzzle of this New 52 world.)

Master storytelling goes along with master artistry, and here Doug Mahnke and his Greek chorus of inkers again present us with a feast fit for the cosmic eye and characters worthy of the adventure we (and Hal and Sinestro) are on.

The climax will shock! That much I can guarantee. And how Abin Sur is involved, you ain’t gonna believe!

If you are an old Green Lantern fan watching the Cartoon Network animated series, wondering what is new with the comic book version of your former hero, this Indigo Tribe arc is a good place to drop in.

You may be confused, but all you are doing is joining the rest of us in cosmic bliss!