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Review: Green Lantern #66

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 05/24/2011 - 15:23

I bet you can't wait to read "War of the Green Lanterns Part 7!" No worries -- as your patience will pay off!

And what an issue we have!

Hal and Guy continue on their quest to remove Parallax from the Green Lantern Power Battery; however, it's not going to be that easy as they encounter the Guardians that have been possessed by the various emotional spectrum entities.

This is an issue fit for "war" - to which Johns and Mahnke bring their all. It's action packed, as the two earthmen are forced to further embrace their newly acquired power rings in order to stave off the threats to their lives. As each welcomes the power knocking at their door, the question to be asked is not what they let in -- but what is coming back out! Hal and Guy are vastly outnumbered; however, they do have the Power Gauntlet of Krona at their disposal, which may or may not be enough to even the odds!

Sinestro's story is further touched upon -- in book form -- but bear in mind, every story has an ending!

Krona seems to be all powerful; like a prism he manipulates the various emotional spectrums and their entities, and we learn just what he wants to finally achieve -- plus more. This should appease any questions as to Krona's origin.

As I said, Johns and Mahnke knocked this one out of the park! Johns gives us a hard hitting issue that progresses the story while not only answering, but also leaving us asking more questions. With "War of the Green Lanterns," Johns has really taken Guy Gardner to a whole new level - one on par with Hal. GL hasn't been this good since "Sinestro War."

Mahnke's art, I have frowned on a bit, but in Green Lantern #66 it shines! Each page is worthy enough to be framed and put up on your wall. Mayor's colors are outstanding, as well! The action sequences are amazing as we see the red blood run free and the yellow light penetrating all! There is a particulary good panel, that is a favorite of mine, as Krona confronts Sinestro - well done!

"War of the Green Lanterns" is a fanboy's dream come true, exceptional talent all around -  at only $2.99. Other publishers should take note that fans are eating up this cosmic smorgasbord that incorporates a human hero, which we can all relate to, with vast cosmic beings and outer space adventures coupled with earthbound stories. 

It's darn good!