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Review: Green Lantern #62

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 02/16/2011 - 10:22


Writer: Geoff Johns

Pencils: Doug Mahnke

Inks: Keith Champagne, Christian Alamy & Tom Nguyen

Colors: Randy Mayor

Letterer: Steve Wands

Cover: Ardian Syaf & Vincente Cifuentes w/ Randy Mayor

Publisher: DC

Release Date: February 16th, 2011


*Warning: Spoilers*


This week, DC is 0 for 2 as Green Lantern #62 strikes out, as well.

While GL's counterpart, GLC had stunning interiors to save that book, here Doug Mahnke's art comes off as akward, confusing and just too busy.

The story, as seems the norm in Green Lantern, is really nothing more than a drawn out recap as John prepares for the next GL-centric arc, "War of the Green Lanterns."

Lately, the main Green Lantern book seems to be nothing more than an advertisement for the other colored Lanterns. Hal seems to have taken a step to the side in favor of whatever colored Lantern DC is pushing on us. In this issue, while focused on Hal vs. Krona, its essentially the same old same old as it's a GL villain questioning Hal's willpower, with the villain stating it doesn't matter etc.

The issue isn't entirely bad as it may be foreshadowing something down the line in regards to how the Guardians think of Hal, but again - nothing we haven't seen before.

The inclusion of the Justice Leage was nothing more, I assume, then to tell readers they won't be appearing in "War of Green Lanterns." After seeing how Johns and Mahnke handled the JLA, I'm glad to say that is the case. Oh, it did touch upon how the Guardians are going to look at Hal, but, again, nothing new.

I'm a bit worried as Green Lantern is supposed to be one of DC's flagship title, second to only Batman I would think. The last six months (or more) worth of issues have been disappointing in both the art - and writing.

Let's put the "green" back into Green Lantern, okay?

(Note: The cover shown here is the actual cover used, which comes from the May GL #66 solicit)