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Review: Green Lantern #6

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 02/09/2012 - 16:49

Emotion is always at the forefront of any Geoff Johns Green Lantern yarn, and #6 is no exception as we join Sinestro on a journey to the planet Ogoro and a visit with former nemesis Starstorm. And my, how the mighty have fallen!

Of course, the curse of Starstorm – who hates himself almost as much as Sinestro does – is that, unlike Hal Jordan who has picked himself up and dusted himself off from adversity many times, this hero seems to revel in it – so much so that Sinestro has to force him to become Starstorm again in order to find one of my favorite characters, Lyssa Drak.

Yes, black is back -- the Book of the Black, that is, and during his all-too-brief struggle with Lyssa, Sinestro somehow tunes into the plan of the Guardians to create the Third Army that will eventually take the place of the Green Lantern Corps.

Like I said, emotions run high in Johns productions, and the fact that we have a guest artist, Mike Choi, is not the greatest gift for this book. The art work and colors are competent, but it is a shocker adjusting to this from the colossal work of cosmic artist supreme Doug Mahnke and his Greek chorus of inkers.

I have a feeling we will be seeing Lyssa again soon as we approach the Indigo Tribe arc.

In the meantime, we have Hal and Carol on Earth being human for a change. And it is true, I believe, that our pilot finally has the green ring out of his system. Too bad someone else has other plans, as the climactic last page shows.

So it goes in this New 52 world of Sinestro and his sidekick, Jordan. And I am loving every minute of it!