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Review: Green Lantern #3

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 11/09/2011 - 18:56

Every time I try and second-guess where scribe Geoff Johns is heading with this extraordinary examination of Sinestro, I fail. That is what happens in Green Lantern #3 as Hal (with a Sinestro-granted green ring) joins him on a rescue trip to Korugar.

It has not taken Sinestro long to win my heart and earn his #1 spot in this book, and the fact that Johns seems to be enjoying what he is writing is doubly delightful. Layer by layer, he is peeling this longtime villain apart and showing the man – even though he is an alien man – underneath.

The banter between Sinestro and Jordan is hysterical and chilling at the same time. Hal has proven more than once that he never gives any forethought to his actions, often making him look like an ass, while Sinestro takes the most direct way between two points to solve a problem and that method sometimes is inhumane. Problem is solved, so why should he care?

Meanwhile, back on Oa – I love how were are leaving it in the background for awhile – the Guardians and their new Ganthet puppet plot against their Green Lanterns and show how truly mad they have become.

And oh, that last panel!

I am excited by the direction of this book, and I am excited its longtime author is as well. And I would be remiss without mentioning the gorgeous pages (as always) by Mahnke & Co, and the beauteous hues of David Baron that keeps this cosmic classic the best-looking panelgraphic literature on the stands.

I was a little leery about how the September reboot would affect this mag I had only recently come to love. Those worries are now as far behind me as Earth-616!