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Review: Green Lantern #25 (Venditti and Tan)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 11/06/2013 - 14:17

A new leader, a new headquarters, a new status quo. Seems there are lots of new things in the Lantern-verse post-Geoff Johns.

Now, following the cosmic “Lights Out” storyline, that new leader – Hal Jordan by name, and about time, IMHO – has made a controversial decision and not all Lanterns are in tune with the Earthman’s way of thinking.

You might call it the “Gospel According to Relic”; that is, the universe is summarily being damaged by the very usage of the Lantern rings. And if, in fact, the rings are a drain on the energy that fuels the universe, then when and why are all ring slingers – and the Green Lantern Corps, a unit of galactic cops, specifically – justified in using them?

Some Green Lanterns, still dedicated to their oaths, believe they can police their sectors without use of the rings. Hal is not of that mindset, and it is the new leader’s efforts to grapple with this questions that brings about a rift in the Corps at a time when what it needs most is solidarity.

Writer and franchise architect Robert Venditti does not beat around the bush as Green Lantern #25 begins this debate on its very first page and the ramifications of the discussion held on new HQ Mogo will most likely be seen in every book, but especially Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns (which is becoming a startlingly new type of book).

Venditti has a way of weaving this initial post-“Lights Out” story that it is a unified whole, even with jumps of locale. You can tell the scribe knows he is setting up the future of the franchise as they strive to achieve a unity as well as individual identities – not an easy task.

Billy Tan and Rob Hunter deliver wonderful art with this basic set-up issue, one that is badly needed following the event and Annual. Tan has a great knack for crowding panels with alien beings sharp with detail and making them not seem crowded. Alex Sinclair and Tonia Avina follow through with the job of continuing to make GL one of the best looking books on the stands this week. Kudos.

The future looks dark but rife with possibilities for Green Lantern. As a reader, I could not be happier.