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Review: Green Lantern #22

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 07/03/2013 - 18:13
Robert Venditti continues to fill the shoes left by Geoff Johns very well, with drama, cosmic action, humor and surprises.
Green Lantern #22 is a good example of all the above as Hal Jordan struggles to take command of the Corps on Oa, protect the planet from ransacking by a very mean Larfleeze and train a group of truly "green" Lanterns.
There is death, jail escape and more death this issue, but there is also an always-welcome appearance by Blue Lantern Saint Walker.
A new villain -- or actually an old Lantern foe rejuvenated -- whom I know will be bringing Hal some action in the future (pay attention to your solicits) makes her first bow this issue.
Also, some mysterious "off switch" for all rings attached to the emotional spectrum seemed to ignite for a moment this issue, and some fun with the new recruits and Kilowog and his new duties lightened the ongoing battle with Agent Orange.
As fast as Venditti's script moved, new penciler Billy Tan did not miss a cosmic beat. His versions of familiar characters are great and his designs of new Lanterns, especially the new recruits, are wonderful.
I know Relic and "Lights Out" are on their way, but I also hope Rob and his editors will let this book breathe a bit as it establishes its own identity as Hal does the same.
Great issue and in keeping with the expansive GL mythos.