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Review: Green Lantern #21 (Venditti)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 06/05/2013 - 17:51

So a new era has begun for the Green Lantern franchise, and here is one man’s opinion on Green Lantern #21: I love it!

This is not your typical clean-up and set-up issue because things are happening hot and heavy on Oa: now, soon and in the future!

First surprise (at least to Hal Jordan): The new Guardians Templar are leaving Oa to learn a few things (having been in a box a billion years and all) and are leaving Jordan in charge. (After all the drama in New Guardians, good to see Kyle hysterical trying to back Jordan’s rebuttal to the newbies’ offer up!)

Looks like love has lost out again with Hal and Carol on Earth, only this time it is her concern for the love that powers her own ring rather than her boyfriend’s wanderlust. Interesting.

And if the glimpse of the future is to be believed, looks like Relik may be a Galactus-in-the-making. Talk about powerful? The whole Central Power Battery for the Greens has gone dead!

But back in the “now,” recruits arrive (many unwilling since, apparently, the Cops of the Cosmos are not as popular as they used to be) just in time for an invasion by … Agent Orange AKA Larfleeze! Apparently he wants everything on Oa.

And what is happening down in the Sciencells? Could it be a little hanky panky?

Yep, things are happening hot and heavy on Oa. And this is not a review of the whole line this month, but only GL #21!

Writer Robert Venditti has done a brilliant job of hooking in the cosmic readers with Relik and the promise of things to come while those loyal to the Lantern mythos see it recharged and reinvigorated here.

And the art of Billy Tan and Richard Friend is sharp and carries the script wonderfully. Colors by Alex Sinclair and Tony Avina continue to make GL one of the best-looking books on the shelves.

This is not Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern. But it builds on his world nicely and realistically, not the abrupt cut some other books have taken when new creators come a’callin’.  I look forward to the changes, the expansion of the mythos, and cosmic adventures galore!

(Oh, and by the way, if you caught CBN’s exclusive interview with Van Jensen and Green Lantern Corps, you will understand his “fitting” joke about Kilowog if you read GL #21. Funny.)

The light is green. Let’s go!