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Review: Green Lantern #10

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 06/14/2012 - 10:04

I am used to this book being colorful and cosmic, but Green Lantern #10 is downright creepy. But in a good way.

The usually dazzling art of Doug Mahnke becomes wonderfully shaded and, as a first, inconsistent color from Hi-Fi reflects the confusion and sacrifice of this adventure and of our buddy cops, Hal and Sinestro, as our knowledge of the past and the not-so-friendly Indigo Tribe continues.

Like the master storyteller he is, Geoff Johns knows when to slow a story down and when to speed it up, and the thrills and exposition come fast and furious in #10, although not to the detriment of the product, certainly. We learned a lot in #9 (nok). This issue is the bottle after the cap is pulled out!

For all the grandeur of the cosmos Johns manages to capture, it is and has been the small things, the emotions and personal sacrifice, which have driven this book since September. And I hope that continues as the next arc really begins here.

Green Lantern #10 is a learning experience – for its characters and its readers. And that is a good thing.