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Review: Green Lantern #1

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 09/13/2011 - 14:35

*Warning: Spoilers*


Have no fear Green Lantern fans, as Green Lantern #1 picks up right were the old DC left her - after the events of the "War of the Green Lanterns" that saw Sinestro reunited with a green lantern ring, and Hal Jordan seemingly abandoned on earth having been ripped of his own!

Essentially a set-up issue, and one light on action, Green Lantern #1 introduces us  - or re-introduces - us to the world of Green Lantern, this time with Sinestro as a member of the Corps. The Guardians and Ganthet are present, as well, in addition to Hal's old(?) flame, Carol Ferris.

The issue was split between Hal and Sinestro, with the latter being the far more interesting. Thankfully, as the issue concludes, Johns seems to be done (hopefully!) with Hal's re-interaction with Earth life. At times I found myself cringing as Hal, frankly, just seemed out of place - which is a good thing, as we all know where he really belongs. And apparently, so does DC!

Likewise, the art seemed out of touch when the earth settings were depicted particularly with some of the facial expressions; however, whenever a space setting was called for Doug Mahnke really knocked it out of the park. There are some really great panels featuring Sinestro.

It is a solid issue, and a great starting point for newbies. I'll definitely be sticking with the series, but it's far from the best of the New 52 I have read.