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Review: Ghost Rider #1 (2011)

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 07/13/2011 - 12:32

Johnny Blaze has finally shed his burden as the Spirit of Vengeance, but that doesn't mean the Marvel U. is free from it, as well. The mantle has been picked up by another, someone we have never seen and she, yes she, is ready to set her own trail ablaze!

When it was first announced that Ghost Rider was going to have a new face lift, I suffered from great trepidation. My first experience with the "Rider" was with Danny Ketch, as he touched a gas tank in a junkyard, he was transformed into the Spirit of Vengeance. As the years went by I was introduced to every aspect of Ghost Rider, from Blaze to Caretaker to Vengeance, and was enthralled with it all. But as the years went by, the stories became diluted and convoluted. It became too much to try and follow and eventually - I just gave up. So I was excited to learn that it was going to be relaunched with a new number one, and I was so hopeful that Danny would have the chance to take up the mantle again. But now, with a new female "Rider" taking center stage - I am even more excited!

Fresh, stunning and full of the good ol' badassery that Ghost Rider stories are known for, Williams makes the new Spirit of Vengeance's debut a must own book for all fans! From her first fiery appearance to the final horrific page, I couldn't believe how blown away I was by every panel! I was astounded not only by the character herself, but the array of new powers and skills Williams weaved within her, as well. Screaming demons that emanate from the hellfire surrounding her bike and wielding a handlebar that can transform into chains, weapons and also the bike itself - awesome! Williams attention to detail has helped solidify this new character into her own spot of the Ghost Rider mythos! Matthew Clark completes this new character with the perfect complimentary art to Williams' tale. Crisp lines, hyper details and full of intense battle scenes, Clark keeps the excitement flowing from page to page. It is as immersive and intense as the tale itself!

This will surely have a slew of readers picking up this issue due to the Fear Itself tagline, and they should, Sin appears quite prominently, but I implore you to try it out whether you enjoy Fear Itself or not. This is the debut of an amazing new character, ripe to burn up the sales charts. And I have only one thing to say: "Burn baby, burn!"