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Review: Flashpoint: Project Superman #2

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 07/27/2011 - 23:24

*Warning: Spoilers*


Another fantastic issue from Scott Snyder, Lowell Francis and Gene Ha!

I couldn't be more happier with this Flashpoint tie-in, as this delivers on all ends. It's a fast paced ride through Metropolis, featuring an other-worldly take on the Man Of Steel and his mythos.

With Project: Superman, the ship that brought the babe known as Kal-El doesn't land into the hands of the welcoming Kents in Smallville - but crash lands in the big city of Metropolis! However, keeping a similar theme with the original, Snyder has this Superman received quite warmly by General Lane (of sorts).

Taking place 20 years in the past, the issue sees Subject-Zero aka Sinclair, the uber-powered super soldier, narrating the story. He is imprisoned, as this meant to be weapon for war is uncontrollable - more akin to a weapon of mass destruction! However, Subject Zero has a plan afoot, which includes the captured alien known as Kal.

As Sinclair is "Subject Zero," the alien that crashed is "Subject One," in addition to a certain white colored dog being "Subject Two." They are all part of a top secret experiment to create a weapon to help out the war that is devastating this new Flashpoint universe. 

In this issue, we are introduced to Lionel and a young Lex Luthor, with the latter getting to meet "Krypto" - who happens to take a bite out of crime quite literally! A young Lois Lane also makes her presence known, is as bold as ever, and we see the meeting between the once-future Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kent.

We are witness to our once-upon-a-time hero taken through a battery of experiments to create the next "Sinclair." Speaking of the mad(?) powerhouse, he has discovered a way to communicate with Kal, setting both of them on the path to freedom. However, as Subject Zero's goals are - shall we say - less than benevolent, a certain alien being retains his super inner qualities. As the issue nears its conclusion, the Lanes, Subject Zero, and Subject one - collide! Heroes are made, and both villains and heroes fall!

If DC is reading: Sinclair would make one heck of a great adversary in the New DCu!

The fantastic art of Gene Ha makes this all the better. Ha uses two different styles, I believe (I'm no art critic, but I know what I like!), as he chooses a more photo-realistic look for a majority of the story, but when it comes time for Subject Zero, Ha chooses to amp it up with a more anime look (think Dragon Ball Z - trust me, it works!). Fill me in on what Mr. Ha is doing next, because I'm lovin' it!

Next issue should just be as good, and I can't wait. There is no super man in the world of Flashpoint - or is there?!