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Review: Flashpoint #2 (of 5)

Posted By: chrisb
Thu, 06/02/2011 - 11:00

Thomas Wayne tells Barry Allen," They say lightning never strikes the same place twice." For once I would have to say the mighty Batman is wrong! Lightning most definitely has struck again, but it's within the pages of Geoff Johns Flashpoint that you will see this phenomenon!

Though there is A LOT going on in this issue, every piece gives us information into the world that is not the same DCU we all know and love. It helps us try to ground ourselves into the history of a horrific place, one that has never known the heroic tendencies of the Flash, nor the resolve of a Justice League. We finally get to see Deathstroke, Emperor Aquaman and the viciousness of Wonder Woman, all the while being entranced by the tale of Barry Allen's quest to put this world right. A quest that will leave him more shocked (pun intended!) than ever before!

Johns and Kubert have formed the perfect team of great writing and outstanding art, one that has them coming out on top this week in the battle of the "Big Two" summer events! Touching on all aspects of a new world and actually making them count in the depth of the story is what edged them out over Marvel's Fear Itself.  Everything seemed precise and informative, all the while promoting the tie-in issues without being preachy about it. There is nothing I hate more that the blatant pushing of crossover issues that give you nothing but a lighter wallet (unfortunately that is exactly what three out of the four first FP tie-ins that came out this week did!). 

This was a fun read that had interesting ideas and new concepts, ones that get you excited for not only the next issue but for the future of the DCU as well. See, you don't always need a reboot or "younger" characters to make a great book -- you just need a good story and an expertly talented artist! If you are not reading the core Flashpoint book, you are missing out on a great read. So get in line and be the next to ride the lightning into the world of Flashpoint!