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Review: FF#6

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 07/13/2011 - 18:25

After last issue, I was really excited for this arc. 

Upon reading, FF #6, now not so much.

Hickman uses an entire issue - I suppose - to catch readers up on the history of the Inhumans and the Kree, including what went down in the recent Marvel Cosmic(?) event, "War of Kings."

In other words, it is an entire issue devoted to things we already knew. 

And an entire issue insomuch as the main characters of the book are no where to be found!

This is more of the same where we get a really great issue (FF#5), and then the coaster hits a hill climbing ever upwards. Might as well sit back, enjoy the view, and grab something else to read - because it might just be a while before we reach the top!

And this is the exact reason why yours truly - and the previous reviewer - tend not to follow this book as close as we would like. It's overly drawn out with "filler," and the action and intrigue are few and far between. This issue reads as if it can be skipped in its entirety, as the story that left you wanting for more from reading the final pages of FF#5, looks to be told (hopefully) in FF#7

The art I am not impressed with, either. Again, last issue was spectacular with Barry Kitson on art, but Greg Tocchini's water color style doesn't sit well with me. I wasn't thrilled with the blending of colors, or the abstract depictions of the characters and backgrounds involved. Is there some Marvel Editorial mandate that the "cosmic stuff" must get less than stellar art? One would think!

Marvel Cosmic fans were warned about this issue, now we know why.