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Review: FF #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 04/28/2011 - 20:31

A little quiet after its premiere, but FF #2 continues writer Jonathan Hickman’s incredible dissection and re-adaptation of Marvel Comics’ first family.

The restoration of Doctor Doom’s intellect – specifically, his smarts and his ability to practice the dark arts (magic) – are the goal for Valeria this time around, and despite what Reed tells his wife and his best friend, the world’s smartest man is not too sure himself about reversing the polarity on his ancient foe.

We get some great character moments herein, a trademark of Hickman’s FF run (on both books), and it seems Ben has found a new drinking buddy in Dragon Man – until the android tells the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed One that he has foresworn violence as a solution to everyday problems. Another beer for the Thing, please!

Susan is having the same problem Ben is having: what is their place and how do they make it in this new world of “egg heads?”

During a particular experiment, the voice of Peter Parker is heard from the Spidey-Whitey suit and the Richards’ bizarre company comes to appreciate the brain behind that mask, at last. Of all the books in which he appears, this is one of the few that appreciates the intellect of Parker aside from his web-slinging and wall-crawling abilities (although Tony Stark did have him working with Noh-Varr and him on the time conundrum in Avengers, didn’t he?).

To be honest, fans who complain about not much slam-bang action in FF thus far have a point, the typical arguments at the Baxter Building and Ben throwing a chair at Doom notwithstanding. It was awesome to see the power of the Invisible Woman on display in said scuffle, and her threats to Doom were bone-chilling. Sue has become one powerful character!

But the action is missed, and there seems a lot of waiting around here, as there was in the previous FF title.

Still, I am hanging around for the “War of the Four Cities.” Surely any story event with “war” in the name will have some action?!