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Review: Fear Itself: The Deep #4 (of 4)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 09/28/2011 - 15:57

And just like that, it seems, the Defenders are born -- again!

This is a fine warm-up for the return of my favorite 1970s “non-team” (hate that term, really) with Namor having assembled Doc & Co. to help him free New Atlantis and rid the world of one of The Worthy, his old hammer-wielding (isn't everybody these days?) buddy Attuma.

While that did not exactly happen, this four-issue underwater thriller with unlikely heroes (hey, that is the Defenders!) really got the gang – or at least part of them – back together in fine fashion.

The conclusion of Fear Itself: The Deep makes me feel very good about this coming December’s launch of said Defenders, even if the creative team and membership are not the same.

While Namor faces his fears in the conclusion to this mini and man’s up with a bold “Imperius Rex!” against Attuma and his forces, Doc Strange shows that even though he is not Sorcerer Supreme he still wields magic supreme.

I have thoroughly fallen in love with a character I did not know before this mini, this Savage She-Hulk. I am a little sad she will be replaced by Betty Banner in the Defenders mag, but then again I have read nothing of Betty since her transformation and am excited about her inclusion herein,

All in all, The Deep was a great self-contained mini-series, an arm of a larger event book the way it should be done. Kudos to Cullen Bunn and the great art team of Lee Garbett, David Meikis, et al.

See you in December, gang!