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Review: Fear Itself: The Deep #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 07/28/2011 - 01:51

Perhaps because I seriously started reading Marvel Comics in the 1970s. Perhaps because I have the entire run of The Defenders, from the brilliant Thomas, Englehart and Gerber to … well, to how it ended. (ugh.)

Anyway, I am loving Fear Itself: The Deep, really the only side-issue of Marvel’s great summer epic I am “into.”

With #2 this month comes the star-spanning power of the Silver Surfer, acting the way the Surfer used to do with mighty company. Dr. Strange, as fashioned these days by Brian Michael Bendis, is fighting the demons as the rock-‘em, sock’em Lyra takes care of the monsters.

Yep, there is a big-fight feel, as they say, to this book – which was always true of the best issues of The Defenders. (And the announcement at SDCC that a new volume of Defenders adventures is on the way in December, exactly 40 years to the month after the non-team was introduced, has whet my appetite for this introduction book of sorts!)

Glad to see old villainous stalwarts like Attuma, the Undying Ones and the Nameless One rearing their heads once again in the MarvelU.And how! By his lonesome (with the little “worthy” assistance of his hammer) Attuma has gone from fishy foe to real powerhouse among the Marvel Rogue’s Gallery. I like it!

Writer Cullen Bunn has taken the spirit of those old Defenders mags and made that voice clear in this desperate reunion of their 21st century selves. Stephen is less powerful. Namor is wrought with fear. The Hulk is a girl. And well, the Silver Surfer is the Silver Surfer. Cool!

The scribe has also kept the action centered on the fall of New Atlantis and the demons that are claiming the bodies of sea monsters from the deep. It is a perfect yarn thus far.

The art by Lee Garbett and David Meikis has been hit and miss at most, but they tell the story well on a big scale; it is just some of the facial composition and reaction shots I am having trouble with. But who am I to talk? I mean, the artist most associated with the non-team is our pal Sal Buscema, certainly an acquired taste of the House of Ideas.

Great yarn in this mini thus far. Cannot wait for the return of the ongoing in December. Thanks, Marvel!