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Review: Fear Itself #7 (of 7)

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 10/18/2011 - 22:04

The stage has been set, the players are in position and the end is nigh. The Serpent's "Worthy" are about to meet Odin's "Mighty," and the world will never be the same! 

Fraction and the entire Marvel staff have created a high water mark for "event books" with Fear Itself. From an overall great story, poignant deaths, stunning splash pages and moments that took your breath away, Fraction has impressed me with the depth of characterization that was used in this book. From page one to the last page of the final epilogue, you are left craving more, and the need can never be satiated.

This book has so many plot threads, loose ends and stunning moments that I cannot say much regarding the book without ruining it for everyone. But I gotta give a little! Weapons are given, Asgardians are teleported, someone wields Moljnir, the battle is joined, hope seeps in and another hero falls! Got it all? I hope that doesn't spoil it for you! You will be happy with the way it all wraps up, but the story doesn't end completely. And that is my only complaint. I don't read The Hulk, I don't read Iron Man, but I need to in order to figure out the entire story! With the price of books as high as they are, I cannot afford to pick up all the extra books in order to finish a single story. It would be nice, for once, to just be able to read a seven book limited series and walk away satisfied that I got the whole story. 

But overall, this book has every aspect that a great comic needs. Great characterization, shocking scenes that will get your fanboy blood flowing, amazing art, cool concepts and an overall fun factor that reminds you just why we are comic fans! So, stampede over to your local comic shop like you were trying to get into The Avengers Movie panel, and drop your five bucks on a book that is actually worth the price tag!