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Review: Fear Itself #4 (of 7)

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 07/05/2011 - 23:26

*Warning: Spoilers*


The first hero has fallen; Bucky Barnes gave his all to strike a blow at the heart of fear, only to be struck down himself. Now they must rise together, Marvel's holy trinity - Iron Man, Thor and Steve Rogers. They have not stood united like this before, never with so many lives in the balance - and never in the face of this much fear!

Issue four of Marvel's landscape changing tale brings everything to a head as one of their own must be avenged! Thor comes face to face with the Serpent, now restored to full health thanks to the destruction his Worthy have caused, and revelations set the god of Thunder into a rage. Iron Man seeks out Odin for one last plight for man's survival, but what will be the cost to Tony's own well being? Finally, Steve Rogers drops in from the skies to lead the charge against Sin and her denizens of destruction. But will the Red Skull's daughter fulfill her father's greatest goal twice and kill a second Captain America?

This has been another good issue that brings all of the major players to the table and lays the groundwork for the endgame. It definitely had glimpses of grandeur, most notably The Serpent's rise of power and Steve Rogers finally pulling his mask back on as the one true Captain America! But glimpses does not make a whole book. Don't get me wrong, it is a thoroughly enjoyable read, packed with plenty of action and moments that get the adrenaline pumping, but the story as a whole, has so much more to offer. Like I said last review, a single panel of a character does not drive the story any more than if they weren't there to begin with. Fraction has created seven awesome characters known as the Worthy, but we need to read seventeen other books to appreciate their true potential. Before this event started, Fraction stated that readers of the core book would be able to follow the story without a problem. To an extent that is true, but it feels as if we are only getting chapters rather than a full story. If this series was extended into a full twelve issues maybe we would be able to enjoy every nuance of this great story without going into the poor house.

Overall, this was a good read that will take the excitement of an Avengers fan to a whole new level! Great revelations, cool battles and an ending that has me completely hyped for the next installment. But, and you can call me needy, I just want more! When I read a novel it's from front to back not side to side, no matter how exciting it may be!