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Review: Farscape #24

Posted By: BrandonBarrows
Sun, 11/06/2011 - 23:22

The end is here, and it kinda breezed by.

The year-long War for the Uncharted Territories storyline has ended, and I am glad. While it started off interesting, it dragged out in many places, slowed down in others, and the interesting parts were few and far between.

As a brief recap, the enigmatic race known as the Kkore invade “our” reality from their own domain in Gray Space, intending to add the Uncharted Territories to the literally millions of worlds in hundreds of realities that they have conquered. While mostly successful, John Crichton and the crew of Moya assemble a resistance coalition comprising the remnants of many civilizations and fight back.

As we knew it would be, they were successful.

This issue is told from the perspective of Deke, Crichton and Aeryn Sun’s infant son, two hundred “cycles” in the future. Bookending the issue are two pages showing Deke telling the story, and concluding the story, to children who represent several of the races that joined the anti-Kkore coalition. In between, we see what amounts to an overview of the remainder of the final battle as Deke tells his story and, understandably considering he could only have heard it second hand at best, glosses over many details. It’s a technique that works and wraps the story up relatively quickly.

I can’t comment on the art for this issue, due to a low-resolution review copy, but I assume Will Sliney’s art is competent as it usually is.

End result, I am glad this story is over. It was an interesting concept with a lot of possibilities, but in execution it left much lacking. It was too drawn out and could have been told more succinctly with greater effect. The final result does seem to be that several loose ends from earlier in the series, and the series of limited series that preceded this ongoing, have been tied up. This will hopefully leave things open for a brand new direction of the series. There’s that, at least.