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Review: Farscape #21

Posted By: BrandonBarrows
Wed, 07/13/2011 - 12:47

As my readers know by now, the last year’s worth of Farscape-related comics have told the story of an enigmatic alien race known as the Kkore’s invasion of known space, first in jumbled pieces that a clever reader could put together, and then in full color and larger than life space drama.

Last issue, the focus was a single event (the battle of Falaman) told from many different perspectives, and we spent a great deal of time inside the thoughts of a number of different characters. Some of these sequences revealed interesting tidbits, others seemed like mere filler.

The current issue was another “talking heads” issue, as we bounce from the Kkore to the crew of Moya. Mostly, the discussion on both sides is the all important question of “how do we win this thing?” After a year apart, Chiana once again boards Moya accompanied by her kreshta (cosmically-destined soulmate) Roiin, who just happens to be an assassin who’d previously tried to kill Crichton and Aeryn’s son. So a little friction there? Yep, just a bit, but nothing unpredictable.

If I may be blunt, nothing much happened this issue until literally the last panel. The issue seemed as if it was building up to something, and it did eventually, but not what you’d expect.

I had some expectations for this issue that weren’t met, but I am hoping the next issue will put us somewhere different in the story. The “talking heads” issues have been frequent in this series, and I’m longing for the sci-fi action of the original Farscape series that we’ve gotten pieces of in this comic. I’m far from ready to give up, but I do hope the story picks back up soon.