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Review: Farscape #20

Posted By: BrandonBarrows
Thu, 06/16/2011 - 17:00

Since late last year, Farscape-related comics have told the story of the War for the Uncharted Territories as an enigmatic alien race called the Kkore invade known space, first,in jumbled pieces that a clever reader could put together, and now, in full color and larger than life space drama. The series has been much better during this story arch than the often times rocky early issues of the book. As storylines and character development over the course of two different Farscape books and a year took place, many plot points were set up, and now a large number have been resolved or look to be before the end of this arc.

Last issue was a heavily action-oriented sequence that felt a little rushed, as though perhaps too much was being crammed into the pages while not quite spending enough time on anything. It felt somewhat like flipping the channels without waiting to see what was on. 

In the current issue, the focus is a single event (the battle of Falaman) told from many different perspectives, and we spend a great deal of time with the inner thoughts of various characters, some of whom we've not previously gotten much insight on. Pieces of these sequences were interesting: Aeryn Sun showing signs of losing faith in her own abilities, and the "woman-within-the-warrior" who is simply scared of losing her husband and the father of her child; Crichton’s struggles with his own mortality after having come through many brushes with death successfully and only now realizing how fragile his own life is. Others seemed irrelevant, even a bit like padding. When Jothee’s sequence arrived, my first thought was “ugh, who cares.” I’m sure someone likes Jothee, but I’ve always considered him a poor substitute for D’argo. And the page devoted to the Peacekeeper officer? Honestly, I can’t even remember what his name is as he’s not a core character, and his page seemed like it could have been used to better purposes.

Criticisms aside, I did enjoy the issue for the most part; an epic space battle is rarely boring, and generally welcome in a sci-fi book. The drama did not feel cheap, as it occasionally has in the past, and the Luxan-Scorvian reinforcements may add an extra layer of interest to the next few issues.

I was also glad to see Chiana’s story rejoin the main dialogue. She has always been one of the most interesting members of the Farscape cast and for longer than I could rightfully say, she has taken a backseat in the comic. When she does appear, her subplot has seemingly been used as filler. I am very interested to see how it is resolved. 

All that being said, on to the next issue!