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Review: Fantastic Four #605.1

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 05/17/2012 - 08:23

Hickman has done it again!

Even though I love the unique storytelling and cosmic goings-in of Fantastic Four, I swore off the title when it was announced Jonathan Hickman’s run was coming to an end. It all seemed so anti-climatic.

Being a Point One, I wanted to pick this issue up, and boy was I bowled over. From its brilliant cover to the unimaginable interior, this ain’t your granddaddy’s FF (or should I say F3).

Did you like the Council of Reeds? Are you a World War II adventure buff? Do you like single issues that blow your socks off? Well, this is the mag for you this month.

You detect that something is slightly amiss when the familiar origin of the FF is played out. The next thing we see is a raging, monstrous Ben in the court of -- Adolph Hitler? What??

No Watcher or What Ifs here, this is the story of one of the Reeds from that ominous Council and his team and how it all came about, hooking again as Hickman does so well into seeds planted long ago in many issues of Fantastic Four.

Mike Choy’s art is spot-in for this story, and kudos to colorist Cris Peter for his marvelous palette that just fits the tone of this awesome tale.

This may not bring me back as a regular reader of Fantastic Four. But it will have my mouth watering as we learn what Hickman’s next project will be.