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Review: Fantastic Four #603

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 02/22/2012 - 23:53

The Celestials have arrived to pass judgment upon us all!

However, the citizens of Earth have an advocate in the form of the World Devourer, Galactus!

And Galactus is telling these Celestials to cease and desist!

*Warning: Spoilers*


Hickman and Kitson continue from where we left off giving us another issue of epic cosmic proportions! The issue is filled with the mother of all battles as a lone Galactus (lone?!) takes on a quartet of all-powerful space gods! As powerful as that which came before the Universe? Not until they all combine into one giant Celestial that dwarfs even the might that is Galactus!

With the cosmic elite battling amongst the stars, the lowly Kree are off crawling back to their homeworld, but not without the Inhumans as King Black Bolt gives the order of pursuit!

Meanwhile, as the unthinkable has happened and Galactus has fallen (wait, have see seen that image before?!), Reed Richards and family are attempting to bring online the game changer! Turns out the Council of Reeds was building a massive weapon, one capable of taking out even the Celestials!

With Johnny going "super nova," Sue doing all she can with her force field powers, and even a request of assistance from the reality-bending Franklin, -- it's still not enough!

The Celestials make their way toward Reed, to finally complete their mission - to obliterate Mr. Fantastic!

Just as all seems lost, a shining beacon of hope comes forth out of the Chaos! One that causes even the Celestials to take notice!

The cavalry has arrived, and it is Franklin and Val Richards - from the FUTURE!

There is not much more that can be said, but Hickman and Kitson are providing some of the best cosmic stories Marvel has ever put out! As I turned to the final page, which revealed Val and Franklin, I was hoping beyond hope that it was Quasar, the Silver Surfer or the Guardians of the Galaxy. Alas, while Hickman chose to stay in the family, Fantastic Four would be the perfect choice to usher in a new Marvel Cosmic era filled with the cosmic heroes of the Annihilation era coupled with the earth-centric cosmic heroes of the Fantastic Four.

Make it so, Marvel!