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Review: Eleanor - Prologue and Chapter 1

Posted By: bamey
Thu, 02/02/2012 - 00:29

Independent creator Jason Gurley gives us the first two installments of this wonderful story of faith, dreams and self discovery in Eleanor, The Girl Who Never Stops Falling.  

The Prologue opens with our 14 year old Eleanor leaping gracefully from a cliff for reasons yet unknown, having it only fall into tragedy. Surviving the horrible fall, our young girl finds herself in a coma. The reader then follows Eleanor's journey of dreams as she meets somebody...something...a simple voice that seems familiar, but just out of reach. She then awakens from her long dormant struggle having to rehabilitate and rediscover herself. This first installment sets the stage for Eleanor's journey of self discovery, continued dreams and her quest of faith to possibly find who...or what she met in her comatose state.
Chapter 1 takes us back to the beginning, the very beginning. We meet Eleanor's young parents and discover that Eleanor may have inherited something from her newly pregnant mother, recurring vivid dreams. But, we do not get the colorful and enchanting dreams of Eleanor's. Her mother's dreams are very dark and foreboding, providing insight into her psyche that I'm sure will influence Eleanor life as this story progresses. We also see Eleanor's first fall.
Overall, the quirky and unique art style really enhances the story and almost blends perfectly into the background as you partake in all of the great inner character dialogue this books provides. 
Eleanor is a digital only comic available in weekly installments at the creators web site or via Graphically. This book is a great example of the new digital comics medium. The unique page layouts coupled with the dreamlike color palette really pop off the screen via your electronic tome of choice. An iOS app will soon be available for $2.99 that will provide the reader access to all of the current content as well as all new issues at no additional charge. A real deal in this world dominated by $4-5 monthly mainstream comics.
So go on, give this book a try. I guarantee if you take a leap of faith, your inner voice will tell you to read on...