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Review: Earth 2 #2

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 06/06/2012 - 11:51

I must say that I have been a JSA fan for many a year, and I was quite disappointed when DC announced that those characters would not be arriving in the New 52 amongst their peers. And once it was announced that the JSA characters would be arriving in the "Second Wave" as "new"versions of themselves — I was taken aback for a second time. So, when Earth 2 #1 came out, and I wasn't blown away, it didn't shock me! But today, as I read Earth 2 #2 — I was completely shocked!

This issue was fantastic, THIS is why I read comics!

Now, don't think I was shocked by what you have all heard in the media regarding this book. Yes, DC has made the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott, gay. That's great, we need more diversified characters - and readers for that matter - in the genre. When has ones' sexual preference ever determined how great of a hero they will be? Never! 

No, I was shocked at how well James Robinson channeled classic DC storytelling to create new origins for some of the oldest characters in the DCU! This is great storytelling personified! Not only do we get Mr. Terrific back into the swing of things, we get Jay Garrick back as the Flash! And the fumbling, self critical Jay Garrick is a refreshing look at how an everyman would act if thrown into an incredible situation such as his! Robinson's story was fluid, touching on all characters without diverging from the overall story and creating intriguing situations and - even a new villain - along the way! A new villain that will strike a cord with old JSA fans to say the least! By book's end there were four old JSA teammates together again in the same book - for the first time - and it just felt exiting! Robinson made this book feel like home again for old JSA fans — a classic for future generations!

Now I do have one complaint, what is up with Jay Garrick's helmet? I thought I was watching an old Buck Rogers episode and Twiggy was running around! Seriously, Nicola Scott is a great artist, but that thing has to go!

Okay, now go get this book!