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Review: Earth 2 #16

Posted By: rjohnson
Wed, 10/02/2013 - 23:51

Earth 2 has been an under appreciated book from DC, and for those not reading it you’re missing out. Earth 2 #16 pulls out all the stops and will have you shell-shocked by the end. James Robinson made his announcement that he’ll be leaving Earth 2, and with what he pulled out of his bag of tricks this month it makes his departure even more depressing. Robinson has been killing it on Earth 2, and now that Villains Month is over, it’s all out war with Steppenwolf and his hunger dogs Beguiler, Bedlam and Brutaal leading the way. Make no mistake: This is war, but this is a very one-sided affair. The violence and mayhem are at an all-time high in this issue, and the World’s Army barely stands a chance.

Robinson is in top form here, and the characterization has come full circle as we get a final glimpse as to what makes his “dogs” tick. This is a scary bunch and Earth 2, with seemingly no equal, makes for a better story with a hero who literally stands no chance of winning. That’s what we get here, and it’s great! Robinson also uses a nice touch narrating the battle of Steppenwolf versus the Wonders of America, Flash, Dr. Fate, Damage and Green Lantern, who now has his ultimate chance at revenge, battle without fear. The embedded reporter is something we as American’s have become all to familiar with, and to use that voice seems very fitting and natural.

Artist Nicola Scott does some outstanding work here by giving real scope and size to such an enormous battle, and with details that are stunning. Scott must have gone wild with this canvas to work with, and her multi-paneled take during action sequences had a smooth flow and direction - not easy to do with such chaos to interpret on the page.

In the end after the devastation of the World Army and the very and possible death of a hero, Robinson throws one last head-spinning twist our way. Once Steppenwolf declares victory and addresses the camera for the embedded journalist, which keeps rolling, we get the biggest shock this series has ever delivered! Again, with the very best in writing, it will leave you guessing and questioning everything you know about Earth 2, Darkseid and the battle for Apokolips in issue #1. Earth 2 had some of the best action and surprises of any comic I’ve read this week, and I highly recommend picking it up from the very start. Because by the time you read this issue, you will be more than happy and satisfied that you did!