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Review: Doctor Who: "The Wedding Of River Song" (Episode 13 Season 6 Finale)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 10/01/2011 - 18:44

Updated: 10:17pm ET


pic"You decided the universe was better off without you. The Universe didn't agree."
- River Song
So another season finale - but did it go out with a bang or a whimper? What do YOU think!  
From the Doctor searching for the answer to the oldest question in the universe by finding the beheaded Dorium Maldovar, to bumping into a Dalek, to Live Chess(!), and to establishing the visual treat of seeing all of Earth's history in a mish mash stuck at 5:02 pm on April 22nd, Moffat excelled at bringing most of the various plot threads to a very neat closure - and adding the final jigsaw puzzle pieces to River Song's timey wimey timeline. 
There were some brilliant set pieces here: steam trains going into pyramids; using the Tesselecta as the solution to "solving" the Doctor's death at the hands of River Song in the suit - with the real McCoy now "silent" as far as the Universe goes! And hands up - did you guess the question?! Have to say sheer kudos to Moffat for attempting to create a storyline that will try and answer the name of the program - a fifty year mystery which ends at Tresalore in 2013!
Added to that, we got some nice character pieces, too. Cameos from Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill and Silurian scientist Malokeh, and a touching acknowledgment to the passing of the Brigadier. In addition, Amy and Rory are back in the game - playing multiple roles - with alt-time Amy gone all Bond-ish and killing Eye Patch lady (when the Doctor isn't in the room), and Rory all paratrooper and reminded by the Silence that he's the man who dies and dies again -- the "Kenny" of Doctor Who!  As for River, played by babe-magnet Alex Kingston, well, we get a wedding atop the pyramid, and the whisper in her ear as the Doctor tells her his true name, thus setting the road for that fateful last tick of the tock in the Library. 
Pacing, as you expect, was fast and furious - and for the most part the revelations very exciting (although I'm still thinking whether I like the Tessalecta standing in, as its too convenient - but glad it wasn't a Flesh clone! However, just like last year's "Big Bang," this is a season finale that will require several viewings to savor every lovely detail. 
So another season, with Christmas around the corner and the big anniversary looming, I hope you enjoyed the ride. But before I go, a quick mention that also this evening was the last episode of Doctor Who Confidential. Shame to see it go after seven years, but if you can catch it, it has a very nice River Song history narratted by Alex, a special mini-episode, "Death is The Only Answer," (view it right here) which was written by the pupils of a British school! And the worse sung version of "I Did It My Way" I have ever heard!
Great stuff.
- Darren