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Review: Demon Knights #1 (Cornell & Neves)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 09/14/2011 - 10:43

*Warning: Spoilers*


Oh, Demon Knights how I wanted to love thee!

Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves give us the latest incarnation of the demon known as Etrigan, but with a spin. The tale is set in the past of the new DCU, with Jason Blood and Etrigan bonded together during the Dark Ages.

Our story actually begins in the age of King Arthur with Merlin introducing us to Etrigan as Camelot is overtaken. We are witness to the last Knight of the Round Table, Excalibur, and a madam by the name of Xanadu! From there the story moves four centuries forward as Blood awakens from the nightmare remembering the events of yester-year. Next, a disturbing scene presents itself as Mordru attempts to use an infant to communicate with the other side.

So far so good.

From there, I found the rest to go all downhill.

Cornell opened up Demon Knights with everything I was expecting: a mix of fantasy and horror. However, as both Jason Blood and Etrigan are further developed, the story takes a turn to a more comical/less serious nature. A few more characters are introduced, "their" girlfriend, who comes off as annoying as hell with her banter, a typical barbarian type who wants his ale at any cost (think Volstagg), a brutish female and another female shining knight character.  And they all meet up at the local pub. Next, a local barges in and warns the Horde is coming - and finally we get dinosaurs. Velociraptors to be exact.

This was just a mixed bag for me, the set up went smooth overall, though how Excalibur, the last Knight and Xanadu comes into play, I guess remains to be seen - but then it was just fantasy cliche after cliche, and finally the conclusion with the "dragons" was just a turn off. 

On the plus side, I did enjoy the art as Neves and Albert came through; they are the perfect match for a fantasy book such as this. The book is filled with vibrant colors and lots of detail. 

This could simply be not my cup of tea, as I was hoping for something more serious. It didn't live up to my expectations, and I will not be continuing on with Demon Knights.