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Review: Defenders #7

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 06/06/2012 - 18:12

As the Prince of Orphans continues his way toward a reckoning with our non-heroes, I just cannot tell you how in love with this book I am. It is currently among the very skinny list of pulls from Marvel, AVX notwithstanding.

Matt Fraction has certainly not only found the voice of these non-traditional heroes but also one for the book that makes it not only seem like a throw-back in the good sense but also a unique one on today’s comics stands. You feel that what is happening will actually have some dire consequences somewhere, change the status quo and not simple be solved by a dues ex machine.

And I write this knowing the king of Marvel writers’ DEM, Dr. Strange, is in the thick of things, as he should be!

This larger story of the Concordance Engine(s) and its involvement in everything in the Marvel U. is quite involving, especially since the Defenders’ ability to gather allies is somewhat hindered.

Glad to see the Black Cat, one of my favorite Spidey gals, in action in these pages. The more we see these Grade C, D and E characters in action together, the more I am loving it.

Also nice to see the Dodsons back on art, if only for awhile. They have helped make this zany read a true thing of enjoyment, and have began to reshape my images of these characters to their own interpretations, even after decades of reading.

I salute the efforts of all on Defenders and wish other Marvel “architects” would take note.