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Review: Defenders #6

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 05/03/2012 - 15:15

I just cannot get used to this --. this -- excellence! Thank goodness, if the words will not come to our heroes when it comes to the Concordance Engine(s), at least it comes to me here.

Of all the things that are coming from the so-called House of Ideas right now, this magazine, The Defenders, is certainly the best of the bunch. It is like someone actually listened to the remaining True Believers and did a book in the Mighty Marvel Manner, the way they used to be. That does not necessarily mean “dumb it down.” Indeed, it means “let the fans have fun along the way,” involve them.

Thank you, Matt Fraction.

And under the hand of this “architect” has come one of the most unique books since -- well, The Defenders (Gerber edition).

So on to Defenders #6, wherein we focus on one of my faves from the 1970s, Iron Fist. Danny and Misty have always been a great pairing and it is nice to see her here in these pages. (Last time I saw her, I think, was as Jean Grey’s roommate in Uncanny X-Men.)

I never read Immortal Iron Fist so this is my first intro to the Weapons. But you can tell by the way the script is written, with Danny doing most of the talking, that Fraction knows their voices inside and out. Love these character focus issues, as long as we have “team” down the road. (Bad example of a good thing: John Byrne’s first Alpha Flight; no team!)

Where this mystery with the “dying” Immortal Weapons and the Concordance Engine goes, I will leave to you to discover. That is part of the thrill of reading a comic, no?

What I will say is that this book just keeps getting better and better and I hope Matt Fraction has many more tales of this brave and goofy non-team left to fire from his writer’s quiver.

Translation: Defenders #6 is entertaining and a great read!