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Review: Defenders #5

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 04/19/2012 - 18:23

If you have learned anything about your humble reviewer over the course of a couple of years with CBN, it may not surprise you to know that I loved Defenders #5, which is in fact a Namor spotlight issue.

Even though Aquaman is getting the main limelight these days with his thrilling New 52 series by Geoff Johns, my heart truly resides with Namor and the wonderful world his creator Bill Everette gave him during the early days of Timely Comics. Stan Lee, Roy Thomas and others continued that in the 1960s until today, and we see all those aspects of Namor reflected in this old-school Defenders tale by Mark Fraction that really makes me appreciate the true Sub-Mariner as a character even more.

So what is the mystery behind the vault that the Atlanteans have found while excavating to build New Atlantis? It seems to hook up with the crazy Kirby-esque time machine Dr. Strange has in his sanctum (along with its own Omega guardian yet). And although Namor is truly in the spotlight this time around, as Stephen was last issue, the driving force behind this larger mystery of Defenders remains the Concordance Engine.

So now that we have begun building this world off the beaten trail of the Marvel Universe, Fraction swears this odd tale covers it all: why everything IS in the 616. That is reason enough for me to enjoy any and all extra character pieces I get along the way, and they are hot and heavy here in #5!

I must confess I miss the Dodsons, but the rough power of Mitch Brietweiser’s art was more than appropriate herein, his powerful lines carrying the action while his gentleness of flow made the undersea adventure an alien yet familiar experience for the reader. And the fact that he and wife Bettie did the colors themselves didn’t hurt either; kudos in that department.

Defenders is one of the few Marvel titles I look forward to anymore. I hope you readers will join me in supporting this best of old- and new-school non-teams.