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Review: Cyclops #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 06/06/2014 - 08:59

Chris Summers has a secret. It is that intrigue – and the manner in which these space opera characters are being handled – that is fueling Greg Rucka’s Cyclops into hyper-drive, making it leave many other X-series behind.

What started for the young Scott Summers as just a break from Brian Michael Bendis’ All-New X-Men has turned into a romping, action-filled, father-son character driven ride of SF fun!

In #2, Scott – and it is thrilling here and important to recall this is the Cyclops created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and new from that world – discovers the Marvel universe, emphasis on universe. Rucka has a grasp on this character, as with all others plus what he has infused into them in this refreshing book, but most of all his Scott acts like a kid. It bothers him that he is not good with a sword, but when push comes to shove in a battle to protect Corsair, we see deep down he is still the leader mutant we so much loved and respected pre-AvX.

This is the look at the Starjammers – and Corsair and Scott in particular – that readers have been craving since the day the words “Enter: A Legend” appeared along with the swashbucklers in the pages of Claremont and Cockrum’s “All-New, All-Different” X-Men.

Corsair is developing into a most interesting man. And when you recall what he has been through – well, death! – and more are apparently now coming back to haunt him. I hope we do not have to wait too long to hear his tale of survival. God only knows when we will hear about Peter Quill and the Cancerverse.

The art of Russell Dautermam is very much true to what Rucka is trying to do here, and a welcome feast for the eye. His Kid Cyclops is very young, and that adds volumes to the story. And his aliens are very strange and wondrous, keeping this adventure into the outer stratosphere real.

Cyclops is giving us multiple bang for our buck. Support it if your wallet allows.