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Review: Captain (Ms.) Marvel #15 (Infinity)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 08/30/2013 - 01:10

We get another Infinity tie-in from writer Kelly Sue DeConnick with Captain Ms. Marvel #15 told from the point-of-view of Carol Danvers (Avengers Assemble #18 featured Spider-Woman's story).

This time, DeConnick actually comes through with a quality story as not only does she nicely tie in the events from Infinity into the issue, but she also tantalizes a new reader who may have jumped on board for the big event. The new reader learns a previous major battle caused not only Carol to literally lose her memory, but it also lends a hand with the transformation into the cosmic-powered persona known as Binary (not a spoiler; see cover; thanks, Stephen).

Obviously this issue is aimed at the new reader with sales being as low as they are, but if you are a regular reader - and a reader of Infinity - you may be just getting one big recap. DeConnick and Editor Stephen Wacker give us the entire story that Spider-Woman told in Avengers Assemble as well as the battle that was featured in Infinity, and we basically get one new page or so of material at the end of the book. It may have been better - for the story and the reader - to not include as much background on Carol in regards to Infinity and give us more of the events that happened after the crash; i.e. Binary. Again, this is definitely aimed at the reader who may be picking it up to complete their Infinity collection. And we all know Marvel has a habit of stretching their books out as long as they can.

The art was surprisingly good for a book selling under 20K. All the panels are heavily detailed, which is a bonus for space-type books; the characters come off looking good, though not too heavily detailed themselves, which actually plays into the storyline if you think about it with Carol being "emotionless." Nice colors as well with the space backgrounds looking vibrant at times coupled with almost a grittiness of the characters' costumes and space vessels.

All in all not a bad issue, definitely not a must buy; I would have to say Kelly Sue DeConnick definitely has a good grasp on Carol Danvers, with this issue giving lots of promise for more to come from the character (hopefully as Ms. Marvel, that is).