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Review: Captain Atom #9

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 05/17/2012 - 09:03

It’s catch-up time, readers!

Here in Captain Atom, often called the “New 52 title without a direction,” writer J.T. Krul actually takes time to seal the deal on many of his plot threads, some left dangling since September’s relaunch, and aims an eye at religion as well in #9.

For longtime readers (well, nine issues), you will learn all about Ranita’s injured hand, the volcano in New York City and Mikey the cancer patient.

Now Krul treads on some pretty controversial ground in bringing religious questions into a comic book format. But it does cause the reader to think, to reflect and the good thing here is that those questions are never answered as the scribe moves from them in a subtle manner. He leaves it up to the reader, and that is a good thing.

The art this issue by Freddie Williams II is strong and fits right into the tone Krul is trying to project this issue. His panel layouts and strong feeling of emotion in character bits serves the story well. This may be one of Williams’ finest works to date.

Captain Atom is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are thinking about jumping on this is as good a place as any. The dangling threads coming together many stymie some, but it is well executed on many levels.