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Review: Black Bat #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 06/06/2013 - 16:46

Tony Quinn continues his battle for redemption as he tries to solve the month-long kidnapping of the city's police officers in Black Bat #2.

Writer Brian Buccellato continues his storytelling method established in the premiere issue as he peels the layered past of Quinn slowly like an onion, relating it to the mysteries he is facing today.

Silk has slid into a dual sidekick/"Alfred" role, if you will allow the bat-ref from another universe, aiding and abetting Quinn in his efforts to crack the cop-knapper caper.

Artist Ronan Clique more than carries his load as he frames Quinn's flashback in brilliant vignettes relating to the actions of today, his panel arrangements keeping the excitement at a fever pitch!

Kudos also to the color palette of Mat Lopes, who keeps the noir dark and gritty but who doesn't mind bringing the bright tones during gun fights and the terrific explosions.

Dynamite has a winner here, and the continuing redemptive adventures of former drug lawyer Tony Quinn are ones I want to follow, as Black Bat works his way slowly to the top of the Snate crime empire.

Pick this one up.