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Review: Batman Incorporated #1

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 05/23/2012 - 16:39

Grant Morrison is back and so, in the Second Wave, is Batman Incorporated.

I like the approach Morrison took this issue. Let the readership – many newbies, we hope – get the feel of the characters before beginning the complex and layered labyrinth of drama and adventure the writer is known for.

This is a rather straight tale of Batman and Robin (Bruce and Damian Wayne) out to thwart the evil organization called Leviathan. And, surprise of surprises, we learn that Talia al Ghul (AKA Damian’s mom) is its leader!

I like the manner in which Morrison tells this story (similarly to Geoff Johns’ recent Aquaman scripts). The jump back in time is not alarming, even though this is issue #1, and the pace is rapid and brisk, full of those great pieces of dialogue that are expected from this writer and packed with so much action, adventure and thought-provokers, we barely have time to breathe.

Holy Milk Money! You even get to meet -- Bat-Cow!

I defy you to find another rendering of Batman as good as that by Chris Burnham. His art just sings in this issue as the panels unfold and we follow Morrison’s superhero story to its conclusion. There is not one panel that is wasted, no facial expression not wringing with sweat, emotion or angst.

No Owls in the book, but it is a fun and promising romp by a great writer with beloved and familiar characters. Welcome to the new DCU, Batman Incorporated!