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Review: Batman And Robin #1 (Tomasi & Gleason)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 09/14/2011 - 12:07

With the new DC 52 I have decided to give every new book a fair shot at becoming a regular read of mine.

Some have really surprised me, while others, of course, haven't lived up to expectations.

Batman and Robin #1 came off as neither for me, not hooking me in, but at the same time not totally turning me off.

Besides knowing there are around a half dozen or so different Robins, I know next to nothing about Batman's son, Damian. The issue sees father and son team up to take down some villains attempting to steal radioactive control rods. It's filled with back and forth banter between the two, with Damian really disrespecting his father; however, curiously, Batman seems to let it all slide. I kind of expected a back-hand from the Caped Crusader, but I felt as if Batman carried a guilt, perhaps, for not raising Damian. That is just a guess, and Tomasi never teased or clued the reader in if that is the case, but they dynamic between the two was intriguing - to a point. However, the issue just went on and on with it.

Tomasi did give us a rather good opening with Batman attempting to get over the death of his parents by remembering their wedding anniversary, instead of their death date. This set up the remainder of the issue with Batman colliding with Damian, and a major change with Batman, as well. One of a less darker presence, which Damian has taken over for.

Gleason's art was very good, filled with a dark and serious tone. Another artist could have easily let this slide into a more cartoonish and kiddish feel, which would have detracted completely from the story, but Gleason more than comes through.

All in all, Batman And Robin #1 was just an average book. I suppose if I was a Batman and Robin fan to begin with, I might have enjoyed it more. If there happens to be a low number week of comics for me, I may pick up the second issue, but as it stands, this will not likely be one of my regulars.