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Review: Batgirl #1 (Simone & Syaf)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 01:32


There is a reason this book was sold out before the release date, plain and simple, it's that damn good. Must be osmosis!

As a comic book fan, Batgirl #1 has everything you could have ever asked for. Goreous Art? Check. Well written? Check. Great story? Check.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am not (or was not!) a huge DC guy, or even a fan of the Bat. Heck, I've probably more familiar with the Yvonne Craig version of Batgirl than any other.

However, Gail Simone weaves such an intiguing and interesting story, I find myself instantly finding Barbara Gordon and her alter ego quite appealing. Plain and simple, I want more and want it now!

I know there has been a bit of hooplah bringing Barbara into this new DCU, while I couldn't care less, fans of old who were worried about DC nixing the paralysis angle of Gordon should be appeased - at least in some way. Actually, Simone doesn't just breeze by this, but uses it as an integral component of the story. And it really comes into play in the last few pages! If I am reading the foreshadowing correctly, Simone is setting up Batgirl to be treated in a similar fashion to how her mentor is - and also how many of the DC power houses are. Things are getting interesting!

Seems for some reason (hmmm...) Gordon has been off of Batgirl duties for quite sometime, and just now she is getting back into the game. However, this game doesn't necessarily play fair as a new(?) villain enters the field - and let me tell you this this guy is as vicious and morally incomprehensible as they come. I don't want to spoil it, just go read it for yourself!

I've read 12 of the 13 new DCU books so far, and Ardian Syaf's artwork is by far the best. Really, it blew me away.

If your local comic shop didn't open at midnight, I recommend that you get up early and be first in line to grab a copy -- because by the time the doors open, Batgirl #1 will be off the shelves just as fast!