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Review: Avengers Vs. X-Men #6

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 06/20/2012 - 03:42

After the shocking- and some what confusing- ending to issue five, this series could have gone anywhere. Fortunately for fans, Jonathan Hickman took up the reigns with this issue and created the best single story of this series yet!

Along with fan favorite, Olivier Coipel, Hickman has crafted something that is worthy of the word "classic"! The pacing of the tale is perfect, luring the reader into a world that has begun to change in the blink of an eye. We can see the awe and wonder on the characters faces, and the same emotions are dredged up in the reader as well, as something new lay before us!

War, famine, and drought have all been removed from the planet by five individuals, and the status quo has begun to shift to the meek from the mighty. So, why then is there still opposition by the Avengers, and more importantly -- the government -- to stop the X-Men from changing the world for the better? One word -- FEAR! Fear of the unknown, fear of a power struggle, but mostly, a fear of losing an upper hand on those seen as lower class citizens.

In a time of great political unrest in our country, Hickman's tale is sure to strike a cord with all who have ever felt that they will never get a fair shake in life. At it's core, it is a tale of striving to not only better oneself but the world around you as well. It is about the struggle to achieve power enough to make that change and yet, when you do, you are still shunned for not doing it the way certain parties preceive to be right. What can you do when all you have achieved is still not good enough for those you have sworn to protect? You lash out, destroying the thin membrane of peace between you and hope someone will finally appreciate you in the future. 

With only a single issue, Hickman has given me new hope for this series. He has given it a new life, one that will hopefully be cared for and evolved with the next writer into something even better than it is now! He has created a memoir to classic tales while crafting his own! That , my friends, is something to be proud of!