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Review: The Avengers #8

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 03/20/2013 - 18:01


Jonathan Hickman continues his wonderfully cosmic and bizarre story of broken systems and universal building in Avengers #8, where our new Nightmask finds his (?) new Star Brand.

Much of the story is seen through the eyes of innocent teen Kevin Connor, whose world all of a sudden explodes, or rather folds inside itself, during the “last” White Event.

There is a lot of techno babble, to be sure, and it is wonderful to have Tony Stark and Bruce Banner going at it, with Tony called on it by Banner mentioning one scheme of his is derived from Reed Richards’ work.

For those who do not appreciate Hickman’s long plan for this group – and I am certainly not one of those, as this new incarnation of Avengers has been on my pull list since #1 – there is a lot of heavy action this time as well. Heavy hitters Hyperion, Thor and the Hulk going against the world-saving but broken power of the new, young Star Brand – mostly to Star Brand’s success.

Cap telling Carol Danvers to fly into space to retrieve “our Hulk” after Kevin has thrown him off-planet is truly amusing.

Then there are the scenes shared by Nightmask and Kevin as the former explains about the Builders, the Superflow and other bits of New Universe hardware. It is nice to know that even if Hickman is going forward, he is not ignoring the gold that exists in the Marvel Universe’s past, much that can be mined for the future. (For instance, the return of Terminus in a few issues!)

The art by Dustin Weaver and Justin Ponsor is breathtaking. But then I knew it would be after all those beautiful covers. The shot in the last pages of Thor and Hyperion flying on their own in front of the Quinjet en route to Avengers Tower made me drool. It also made me wish for one of those Hickman schematics of the new Tower since it has been rebuilt. (Hint, hint!)

As our New Universe-inspired friends end up on Mars with Ex-Nihilo, I thought to myself: Wow, everything IS connected!

As a Marvel Cosmic fan, I could not be happier than with the course of Avengers at present time.