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Review: Avengers 27

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 06/14/2012 - 10:23

I have been waiting for the immortal Walter Simonson to knock it out of the park while the mutants and non-mutants are fighting over an elemental force quite beyond them, and ol’ Walt finally releases something intense in Avengers #27.

And how!

Your mind will journey back to his Surtur saga in Thor as the Thunder God struts his stuff in space, while the Supreme Intelligence has not looked so creepy and all-powerful since Neal Adams took pencil to him.

Walt’s wonderful work carries here one of the stronger of Brian Michel Bendis’ stories as the Protector betrays his fellow Avengers and, in the end, is himself disillusioned. One of Bendis’ more powerful character pieces with a lot of rock ”˜em-sock ”˜em action in between.

Kudos also to colorist Jason Keith who keeps those hues bright and primary. No need for subtlety or noir atmosphere here!

As I said, all in all, one of the best of the AvX side stories by Bendis, and that is what he has proven to do best!