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Review: Avengers #26 (Hickman)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sat, 02/15/2014 - 02:36

The All-New Avengers (the original team plus Cap from another world) continue to press dominance on Earth as they face off against a threat from deep in the history of our team.

Jonathan Hickman digs back into Avengers history for the answer to some of what the scientists have been up to on AIM Island. The result from secret experiments taken on our assemblers during a moment of weakness months ago is updated Adaptoids! It will freak you out to watch Adaptoid Spidey swinging Thor’s hammer, even more so when he attacks the otherworldly Thunder God.

As we already know, one of the All-News doesn’t make it out of their battle with the Adaptoids. Meanwhile, the AIM experiment goes better than expected as the Adaptoids … well, adapt beyond expectations to become self-aware.

Hickman continues his long-term story here, answering some questions while planting other seeds. This is gonna be one great omnibus someday, lol.

And like last issue, little is seen of the 616 Avengers. Maria Hill has them all in for questioning at the Helicarrier. Hickman does have some great comedy moments during these panels.

Everyone looks great because of the continuing tradition of marvelous art on this title. Salvador Larroca renders the figures of everyone perfectly, whether modern day assembler or old school. And if he had fun comparing and contrasting today’s Thor and Iron Man with that of yesterday, think what fun the Adaptoids must have been with different features of each Avenger on one and another.

This book continues to get better and better, and Hickman at the helm means quality at the time of reading.