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Review: Avengers #25

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 04/18/2012 - 18:42

In the midst of the big Avengers vs. X-Men “event,” writer Brian Michael Bendis does what he always does during such occasions: uses the regularly read books such as Avengers #25 to tell a story, usually of a personal nature.

And what a personal story Bendis weaves this issue!

The focus of this story is really Captain America, and it starts off with the history-soaked reunion of Cap and the Mighty Thor – the true Thor! – as Goldilocks returns right as the Assemblers are beginning their cleanup of A.I.M. from the latest Norman Osborn saga. It ends with a shocker that maybe explains one of the earlier AvX covers Marvel has revealed. I will leave it at that!

While this was not my favorite issue of Avengers, it was a par above some of the in-and-out stories Bendis has been weaving in these, his waning days on the franchise. I will also say what a sheer pleasure it was to see my old fan fave, Walt Simonson, drawing again, especially the Thunder God he helped put back on the map after the departure of Roy Thomas from Thor’s own title eons agone. Missed ya, Walt!

This is a good story and strikes a key in every Avengers reader who isn’t antsy to see the Avengers vs. X-Men “event” begin. Meanwhile, readers of the whole shebang are wagering to see who stood longer in one spot: the Avengers battling the X-Men opening round as depicted in the first pages of #25 and in almost every other A or X book, OR (and this is where my money lies) the Real Avengers vs. the 1970s Marvel Heroes/Skrulls in the Savage Land back during the Skrulls storyline!

You do not need to pick up Avengers #25 to enjoy the man vs. mutant ongoing event, but if you are an Avengers long-timer like me you shouldn’t miss this one.

If for the Simonson art alone!