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Review: Avengers #22 (Hickman and Yu)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 10/30/2013 - 21:59

[Editor’s note: Read Infinity #5, on sale this week, before reading Avengers #22.]

It was all about coming home, to a conquered Earth, after the heroes of that planet had given their all to save the universe from a great threat, one world at a time.

It was all about the people, the men and women underneath the masks, be they “gods and men and every creature in between,” and how they felt as they found that their homecoming was turning into yet another battle to save a world: their own.

It was all about allies, made in the heat of war and made during the loss of life. Their lives, beings they did know and entities they did not. The fallen, the survivors, the many and few.

With Avengers #22, an Infinity tie-in, writer Jonathan Hickman does one of his best character studies and most emotional issues of all time. For those who had forgotten such moments during his legendary Fantastic Four run, Hickman reminds us that just because he plots long-term and writes brilliant science fiction stories in the form of episodic comics does not mean the pieces on his chess board are unfeeling wood.

However it has changed NOW, this is Marvel and Marvel characters live and breathe and feel and, in many instances, die. Even in science fiction.

The scene between Cap, Carol and Eden was good, but the follow-up with Manifold and Thor was so much better because of it, giving our God of Thunder a depth he seldom attains.

So too the beginning scene with Sam, Izzy and Bobby. You have to flash back to New Mutants days -- if you can. Wow!

For those scenes, and the brilliant space scenes in between beautifully brought to life by Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan, Hickman has now made Infinity and its Avengers sides not only into THE Marvel Cosmic event of our present time but a very human adventure as well.