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Review: Avengers #18

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 10/21/2011 - 22:24

Fear Itself is over, both Bucky and Thor are dead, and the Avengers Tower has fallen.

What next?

Well, a circus of sorts as dozens of heroes from three separate teams come to Luke and Jessica’s house (AKA Avengers Mansion, which he bought with Iron First’s dollar from Tony, remember?) and start divvying up rooms.

Avengers#18 is quite entertaining in that Roy Thomas “what-do-we-do-now?” way as we see the inner workings of the teams together (Bobbi’s glare at Clint and Jessica Drew, Spidey wanting the top bunk in any room, etc.) and I do love the new art by Daniel Acuna. (Since there are no inkers or colorists credited, I guess he did it all, and it shows -- in a good way.)

My biggest beef with scribe Brian Michael Bendis’ layout of the story – and this is by far not the first time he has done this – is using full pages where there is no dramatic effect and where much more story could be pushed into the issue. “Who shall be the new Avengers?” is the tagline on the issue’s cover, but by story’s end do we have a set team? Not to spoil anything, but – nope!

For what it is worth, the character drama and angst (poor Ben) as well as the humor (no one wants to room with Spider-Woman) make this a keeper. But it could’ve been so much more, IMHO.

So while probably enjoyable in the trade for which Bendis is writing, as an issue this one is entertaining but lamentable as well. Sorry.