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Review: Avengers #13

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 05/19/2011 - 08:53

Yes, yes. “Brian Michael Bendis and his talking heads.” Yes, I can just imagine some of the other cyber reviews.

Well, you know what? I liked the way Avengers #13 was put together and I thought it worked out just fine!

Since the relaunch of this title, we have also been privy to an oral history of the team as written by Bendis and, apparently in the MarvelU., done over the course of many years. (As you can see, some deceased folk like the Wasp and others are quoted in it. She likewise makes a few early appearances in this issue, which I thought was neat and establishes the “interviewer’s” long project.)

This chapter of “Oral History” will likely appear in the far future in the back of the mag as it deals with the current Fear Itself event and how the Avengers are involved. But more than that, it shows, despite what some say, just how well Bendis knows these characters and their voices and how much, also despite what some say, he truly loves them.

I really believe by reading and commenting on the early adventures of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Bendis has built a strong respect for the Avengers’ past and those who helped develop it. I enjoyed when he once called a calm, non-action issue where a lot of things were settled his “Roy Thomas issue.” Riot!

There were some great character moments in this issue. Right off the top of my head: Spidey barfing inside his mask as Red Hulk ate raw eggs, then a repeat as Noh-Varr joined him; the respect and friendship all members seem to have for the Thunder God; some wild Tony Stark shenanigans; Baby Cage; and the hint of romance in the air (and Bobbi’s reaction to it) between Hawkeye and Spider-Woman. (Finally, a new Avengers romance. On behalf of all living ”˜60s and ”˜70s readers: About flarkin’ time!)

While I recall hating the art on the CosmicBookNews Previews, by the time I read this issue I really enjoyed the way this book was handled. I appreciate the pains Chris Bachalo went through and the great facial expressions, even though some of the characters were a tad cartoonish in appearance. (And his own colors? Following in great footsteps like Jim Starlin and Tom Palmer, eh?)

Overall, a very satisfying issue, especially for one such as I not following Fear Itself. A change is in the winds for this premiere team roster, and I am hoping it is a good one -- one that will definitely feel, as Dan Slott used to say, “Avenger-y.”