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Review: Avengers #12

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 04/20/2011 - 15:20

He did it again!

No matter how much Brian Michael Bendis is criticized by reviewers (sometimes deservedly so, sometimes not), the man can write a good book when he wants to and can also throw you for a shocking loop when he desires. (Who will ever forget Elektra the Skrull?)

He does so again on the last page of Avengers #12 in a move I never saw coming and that will especially delight fans of the Illuminati and their cause.

If you check out the CBN forum, it was this humble reviewer who posted that Thanos at the end of #11 was not Thanos, and I am glad that turned out to be the case in this issue. It means that at least the sacrifice (as far as we know) of our boys Nova and Star-Lord was not in vein and that particular threat to our universe is still bedded, at least for now.

I love how this entire arc has really been reminiscent of the Civil War flavor, a real Steve vs. Tony world, and that is as it should be in very realistic terms. Having just come back into the brave, new world, Steve still has to cope with things that we as readers may have seen go by the wayside in the passing of other events (Secret Invasion, Siege, etc.). To Steve, this is all still new and Civil War very fresh.

I did enjoy the cosmic artistry of JRJRand Klaus Janson in the astral plane – quite thrilling and reminiscent of yesteryear – as well as the great vivid tones of Dean White. It is The Avengers, dammit; leave the muted tones to the X-books, I say.

And by the way, whatever happened to that "brand new cosmic character" from the solicits that had the CBN offices upset and posters going wild on our Forum? Must've escaped my notice, unless Brian meant the "new" Hood??

We had seen the moment the Protector became an official Avenger, and I was glad that happened with the Red Hulk this time around. It will be interesting to see what changes will be wrought with Fear Itself to our roster.

Wouldn’t mind Monica Rambeau’s return at all. I would love to Monica, Ms. Marvel, Noh-Varr and Thor on one team together with perhaps a Steve Rogers Cap, Hawkeye and maybe Black Widow … and, sure, throw in Spidey and Wolverine too (although I enjoy both more in New Avengers). The roster will be the subject of discussion for months to come, so I just thought I would get the ball rolling.

Issue 12 is a great ending to a pretty enjoyable arc, with only a slowdown or two along the way. I cannot say I am left disappointed, especially after seeing the fate of the Hood -- and the Infinity Gauntlet!