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Review: Aquaman #3

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Mon, 11/28/2011 - 16:31


I am just loving this book!

Geoff Johns has worked his magic once more, turning Aquaman into a character not only of real interest but of real intrigue. In this retconned world, Johns in #3 introduces us to two or three new mysteries that might be coming soon in the form of innuendo. I love it!

In this issue, Aquaman and a wonderfully powerful Mera continue their battle against the Trench. His reactions to the public perception of him as merely a hero who talks to fish may be getting a little worn out, but if it keeps Johns amused then I can take it – especially with all the other wonderful plot threads for future adventures we are getting as well as some slam-bang action.

If you would’ve told me I would follow eagerly Aquaman’s adventures on land a few months ago, I would’ve said you were crazy! Love those Hulk leaps!

We also continue this issue to learn more of Arthur’s past as we also learn about the trench monsters. Aquaman raises a good point: What if their invasion from the deep is more a question of survival than of evil? Does that take the stigma of monster away, even though in this issue we see they are also cannibals?

Good questions for a comic only in its third issue. Some of the other New 52 have barely gotten off the launch pad with their #3s.

And that can I say about the wonderful artwork of Ivan Reis? The man just knows how to squeeze the life and vibrancy of the superhero genre from every panel. The layouts and detail are so breath-taking. I can hardly wait to see some more underwater scenes and … Atlantis!

As long as the quality remains this high, I will be tuning in to see the adventures of the King of the Seven Seas … even if he is living in a lighthouse.